You want an unforgettable wedding filled with wonder & whimsy for you and your guests.

Most of us have a vision in our heads of what a wedding “normally” looks like, and how we would celebrate. But a traditional wedding can also feel generic. And that’s not your style! You want to mindfully select any traditional components you want to incorporate, while integrating all kinds of unique touches that represent you as a couple, in order to connect with and delight your guests. We get it. We’ve been there! And now it’s our absolute joy and honor to help other couples like yourselves craft the experience that truly celebrates your love and who you are in joyous and meaningful ways.

Krista and Dave all gussied up for a night at the Flynn Theater in Burlington, VT.

Hi! I'm Krista (she/her).

From the start of our relationship, my husband Dave (he/him) and I have fostered a spirit of authenticity, creativity, learning, and exploring new challenges. Our connection deepened as we tackled escape rooms, tabletop and digital mystery and adventure games, jigsaw puzzles…really any kind of experience that allowed us to grow by utilizing our complementary, diverse strengths while having fun solving problems as a couple.

Before we met, Dave had moved from music education to analytical software consulting to hot tub sales. His superpower is connecting with anyone and helping figure out how to meet their needs. I had studied, rehabilitated (and occasionally played with) countless species of animals around the globe, while learning to speak (and program in) multiple languages. I love fresh challenges and innovation. We have both always loved learning new things and finding ways to fascinate and connect with the people (and critters) we care about.

Portrait of Krista and Dave under the birch arbor at their unique and puzzle-filled wedding in Vermont.
Credit: Hannah Photography

The start of Whimsically You

When we got engaged (proposal by puzzle, of course!) and began wedding planning, we knew that we wanted to incorporate our passions in a way that would be fun and accessible for all of our guests during a rustic-yet-elegant Vermont barn wedding. Plus, we wanted the whole experience of the weekend to reflect our values, our story, our lost loved ones, and our desire to connect with those we treasure the most. We quickly realized that there was no company in New England that provided this kind of service, so we dove headfirst into imagining what our wedding could be like if we cast aside all expectations.

Dreaming up and creating the experiences for our own wedding was a blast, and it was incredibly rewarding to see our loved ones completely engaged in the personalized games and moments we crafted. The reaction from our friends and family was overwhelmingly positive. Many of them wished their wedding had been a similarly individual expression of their love, but it hadn't crossed their minds as an option - as it is crossing yours now. They also reinforced that not all couples have the time, skillset, or inclination to do this on their own. We could think of nothing better than helping you imagine and bring to life your own unique, magical experiences for your own special day.

What we value most


The heart of Whimsically You is creating events that really reflect who you are as a couple, which requires that all of us be open and genuine in our relationship and endeavors.


Love is love, and we welcome people of all backgrounds, orientations, ethnicities, abilities, and identities. You have a unique and beautiful love story that deserves to be told and celebrated!


As much as possible, we try to tread lightly, so we can celebrate in a better world tomorrow. This includes:

  • Using natural, biodegradable options when suitable. Even better if they are reclaimed!
  • Emphasizing quality items that won’t just head to the landfill - they can be reused (like our rentals) or treasured as keepsakes.
  • Considering our digital footprint as well! This website was designed using principles of green web development to reduce energy use, and we use a green hosting site (GreenGeeks).
  • Giving back by donating 5% of profits to conservation organizations.

How we can help

Guests laughing delightedly during wedding ceremony in East Burke, Vermont.
Customized Components
If you want to find ways to personalize elements throughout the big day or weekend!
Kids and father investigating what the curious treasure chest holds at rustic Vermont wedding.
Enigmatic Experiences
Puzzling experiences to captivate your guests!
Rustic, vintage-style open air photobooth for rent in New England.
Rustic Photo Booth
There's nothing like our gorgeous booth to capture and create all the fun!

A few more tidbits

Cat icon

We are big animal lovers with two lap-warmers of our own - Mitten & Pandora!

Icon of a bowl of steaming food.

We love cooking & exploring international flavors. This red lentil curry is a fav!

Icon of two people dancing.

Dancing is fundamental to our relationship. We're all about a kitchen dance sesh!

Icon of two suitcases.

We live to adventure together - at our kitchen table and around the globe.

Icon of leaves growing out of the ground.

Our garden brings us all kinds of sustenance, including the world’s best blueberries!

Icon of jigsaw puzzle pieces

We review all kinds of puzzle games for ESCAPETHEROOMers.