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Items on a table create 'Love' - spelled with scrabble-like cubes for the L, V, E, and two rings used to create the O.

The Whimsy Chronicles

A collection of thoughts on creating your ideal day, local venues and vendors, crafting playful experiences, our design journey, the history of games, and much more.

Dapper man using elegantly rustic open-air photo booth in Vermont.
Photo Booth

Capturing Memories: your guide to Vermont photo booth rental

Thinking about a photo booth for your wedding, but not sure where to begin? Check out our guide for what to consider!

Fanciful wedding dessert spread by The Goose Chase Cake Design, with a 3-tiered ombre butterfly cake, mushroom-shaped meringues, macarons, and cream puffs on rustic wood cookies with fairy lights and florals.
Vermont Wedding Vendors

The Goose Chase Cake Design

The Goose Chase Cake Design creates delicious, delightful desserts that will make you wish you'd ordered a few more...

Cocktails in textured copper mule mugs, with ice and pomegranate garnish.
Wedding Personalization

How to Create Your Custom Wedding Cocktail

Thinking about a signature cocktail for your wedding? Check out our tips for the process and personal experience!

Happy wedding couple under an umbrella in front of a large vine-covered wall.
Vermont Wedding Vendors

Hannah Photography

Looking for your dream wedding photographers? Learn about some of our favorites (and the ones who shot our wedding)!

Wedding reception table puzzle box as a centerpiece, with a card reading 'I do. Me too. Let's party! That is, if you can open the favor box.
Puzzle Games

Seven Puzzle-filled Weddings to Inspire You!

Curious about how puzzles could be integrated into your wedding and looking for a little real-world inspiration?

Krista and Dave's victory photo from Storyteller's Secret, an incredible escape room at Boxaroo in Boston.
About Us

A Tale of Two Goofy, Optimistic Puzzlers: Our Love Story

We're dying to know your love story and what makes you tick as a couple! Time to turn the tables and tell you our story.