Incorporate your personal flair and what matters most to you into any and every aspect of your weekend

Few events are as traditional-laden as weddings. Close family and friends all bring their expectations of what a wedding should be, and there can be pressure to conform. Yet, you're a unique couple with your own story! While you might choose to honor traditions that are meaningful to you, you also deserve to have your story and spark on display and integrated into your wedding in myriad ways.

We are here to help you think freely and deeply - to brainstorm how to infuse traditional, expected wedding components with unconventional aspects of yourselves, or replace them altogether, in order to create an event that feels both familiar and fresh and absolutely reflects you as a couple.

How we can help

Mountainside trumpet solo during Vermont wedding ceremony.
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Conceptualizing Events

Blending your story and experiences as a couple into the various aspects of your wedding can be a tall task when tackled alongside choosing floral arrangements and finding a photographer and…everything else. You might want to go all out with an 'everybody wears a costume' fully-themed weddings (which we love!). Or you may be looking for more understated (or even secretive) ways to personalize your event.

Either way, we're here to help you think through the overall feel of your special day or weekend and explore ways that aspects which are 'always done that way' might be customized. We can also brainstorm fresh alternatives to traditional components, like the garter and bouquet toss.

Let us help you find an approach to getting married that screams 'This is Us!'

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Creating Vows & Ceremonies

Writing your own vows is incredibly meaningful, but can also be very daunting. I certainly felt that way. It’s ok to want some help! Dave is a natural wordsmith and lifelong writer, who dove headfirst into 'writing his feelings' for our vows and can do the same for you. Delivering deeply personal pledges of our love for each other is something you will never forget, and you can always look back on those vows whenever you have challenges moving forward.

While the vows can be the most intimate highlight, there is something magical about crafting a unique ceremony. It enables a conceptually fluid experience geared around personally meaningful elements that can induce tears of all kinds, moments of deep silence, and bursts of joyous laughter.

Whether you would like us to help you craft vows to insert into your ceremony, build a ceremony around vows you've written, or work with you to create the full experience, we look forward to learning about you as individual and a couple, hearing your stories, and building a multi-faceted, unforgettable expression of your deep love for and commitment to each other.

Which vows & ceremonies package is right for you?

Noteworthy Nuptials

If you want help crafting the entire ceremony, this is the one! It combines two sets of "Vibrant Vows," one for each of you, with a "Captivating Ceremony" - so you don't have to worry about a thing! At least when it comes to planning the ceremony...we make no promises as to whether Aunt Ethel will get drunk and make a scene.

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Vibrant Vows

If one of you is feeling like they need some assistance with your vows, we've got you covered!

  • An online survey to gather some basic information
  • A 45-60 minute call to delve into what you want to say, what makes your partner so special, and meaningful moments in your relationship
  • One set of customized vows (for one member of the couple) to express your love and promises
  • Up to 2 revisions, if needed, to ensure they are expressing just what you want to say!

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Captivating Ceremony

If you have your vows under control, but would really like a personalized wedding ceremony, this is the one!

  • An online survey to gather some basic information
  • A 45-60 minute call to delve into what is most important to you as a couple, who you would like to involve, and the overall style and vibe.
  • One ceremony script (~20-40 minutes), not including personal vows.
  • Up to 2 revisions, if needed, to ensure the ceremony truly speaks to who you are as a couple!

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The first step to booking any of these packages is to drop us a line and let us know what you're looking for.

Collage of bespoke details, including: engraved slate signs, menus, and table numbers; wooden signs for a custom cocktail and beautifully engraved wooden placecards; and a green glass engraved hurricane made from a recycled bottle.

Designing the Details

There are so many design considerations for your wedding, and so many traditional renditions. Elevate your event with bespoke elements perfectly suited to you and your day. From placecards that are both functional and beautiful to signage to guide your guests around the venue to a custom cocktail, we are here to help you identify ways to make otherwise unremarkable aspects of your wedding into playful representations of you as a couple.

When possible, I love to use (and re-use!) materials of significance to you to craft components of your wedding. For our own wedding, I made venue signs by woodburning old dock boards from Dave's family camp, etched discarded slates to make elegant table menus, and cut recycled wine bottles into decorative hurricanes. Integrating elements that have meaning to you will elevate the mundane to the unforgettable and give you one-of-a-kind keepsakes!

All design needs are different, so contact us to set up a chat and discuss your vision!

Intrigued? Enchanted? Rarin’ to go?

We'd love to discuss all the ways we can help you craft a wedding that celebrates the core of who you are as a couple and emphasizes meaningful connections with your loved ones.