Puzzle experiences to thrill your loved ones & enhance the magic of your day!

Weddings are a whirlwind of activity for you, the happy couple. You want your guests to be engaged and entertained as well. Imagine a cocktail hour where your guests are roaming around hunting for clues, working together to solve a puzzle, and hearing gasps of excitement as they seek to win a bottle of bubbly, some chocolates, or a special keepsake!

Our experiences encourage collaboration, communication, and celebration. They are often personalized around the couple's story or relationship, adding a particularly meaningful touch that will leave guests saying 'I never knew that!', while fostering connections between them. Our games can be incorporated into the wedding in a number of ways - on each table at the reception, in a central area during cocktail hour or the Friday night welcome - even into the ceremony itself!

"I felt like I was in The Da Vinci Code!!!" - Nicole

What's Right for You?

Hands rotating mysterious, flower-shaped purple discs with faces engraved on them, on the top of a box.
Credit: Whimsically You

Wedding "Escape" Box

Engage your guests with a wedding-themed puzzle box! Prior to the event, they'll receive a notice or a link to a custom video (from a willing collaborator) requesting help in finding the missing wedding ring. Once they arrive, small groups of 1-4 can tackle the challenge to solve the mystery and find the ring, usually taking about 15 minutes per group. The attendant can provide hints, if needed. Upon completing the game, they'll get a prize and have the opportunity for a victory photo!

This enigmatic experience is designed to be family-friendly and accessible to those without any puzzling background. Customization and upgrades are also available to further align the game with the ambience, vibe, and decor of your special day.

From $947. Or, get some great savings by combining it with our rustic photo booth for 1547 (and even more fun and memories)!

Two wedding guests working together to solve a puzzle at their reception table.
Credit: Hannah Photography

Reception Table Puzzles

Delight your guests with a set of puzzles at each reception table. Whether you want to challenge a tight-knit group or provide an icebreaker for those who don’t know one another, they’re a great way to engage the whole table and perhaps encourage a little friendly competition or collaboration with neighboring groups!

The final code can unlock any number of rewards - favors, a special drink, or even just bragging rights. These games typically focus on dramatic reveals (like a message that becomes visible when held over a candle), tangible items, and fun moments that are suitable for all skill levels - but they can be customized as needed.

Group of wedding guests gathered round a treasure chest and trying to see if they can open the lock with the code they have deciphered.
Credit: Hannah Photography

Bespoke Puzzle Adventures

If you are looking for a completely bespoke experience designed just for and around you, you’ve come to the right place! This experience can take a myriad of forms.

Are you looking for a wild, full-day adventure with your nearest and dearest, perhaps the day after the wedding or for one of your pre-wedding celebrations? A more expansive experience on the day itself, whether that means weaving pieces throughout the venue and festivities, or taking over a particular area for a custom mini-escape room?

Whether you are looking for one of these, anything in between, or something else altogether, we would love to work with you to create the playful experience to engage your guests in a totally unique way that is perfectly you.


Do you mean jigsaw puzzles?

Nope! While it's possible that a small jigsaw could be incorporated, our puzzle games range from a personalized crossword to the kinds of puzzles you might find in an escape room. They challenge guests to find hidden clues and solve riddles, to decode secret messages, and unravel complex mysteries. They can be simple and lighthearted, or complicated spy missions - it all depends on your vision and the characters at your wedding!

Do our guests need to know morse code or anything like that?

Definitely not! We can design puzzles for people who’ve never seen the inside of an escape room, without relying on any outside knowledge. Of course, if you choose to have us include some sort of code, we can find subtle ways to incorporate the “key” to cracking it.

Ready to bring some mystery and magic to your day?