Don't just celebrate your commitment.

Celebrate who you ARE.

Do you want a unique wedding that truly reflects who YOU are as a couple? A personalized, whimsical celebration that will engage your guests in unforgettable experiences? If you want an intentional and fanciful occasion but are feeling overwhelmed, unsure how to make it happen, or just too busy to do it all…we can help!

Whimsically You helps couples have a one-of-a-kind and purposeful wedding through meaningful connections, playful moments, and details that are delightfully, authentically YOU. Infuse some whimsy with our enigmatic experiences, capture the memories with our elegantly rustic photo booth, or integrate your own meaning and flair with other original personalizations.

Let’s make this the immersive and customized event you’ve been dreaming about, and leave your guests saying “That was SO you!”!

“I’ve been to a lot of weddings where all I remember is that I was there, cause they were all kind of the same. But I will always remember this wedding!” - Lenny

Kids and father investigating what the curious treasure chest holds at rustic Vermont wedding.
Credit: Hannah Photography

Enigmas to Surprise, Delight, & Connect

If you want to incorporate elements that amaze, engage, and bring guests together, a collaborative puzzle or adventure experience is the perfect choice!

Whether they tackle something at the table, play an escape box or room in groups throughout the reception, or embark on a standalone treasure hunt or adventure the day before or after - our puzzle games inspire excitement, elicit gasps, and foster a sense of connection! They can even be designed around you as a couple to make them a fully integrated, unique experience.

Guests laughing delightedly during wedding ceremony in East Burke, Vermont.
Credit: Hannah Photography

Curating & Customizing (Un)Conventional Components

You want to celebrate your love and commitment in a way that truly represents your personality, values, and story! Crafting an experience that is totally tailored to who you are and engages your loved ones leads to an incredibly authentic and meaningful occasion where love and connection take center stage.

But taking this on by yourself can feel pretty daunting! Whether you want to tackle one component (like personalized vows) or elevate the whole day/weekend, we are ready to help you create an intentional experience featuring all the things you love and none of the things you don’t!

Wedding guest using rustic, vintage-style open air photobooth for rent in New England.

Rustic, Open-Air Photo Booth to Capture the Memories

Charm and engage your loved ones with our gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, vintage-style photo booth. Selecting custom props or a background is another easy way to infuse more of your own personality and style. Even better, all that fun leads to keepsakes - for you AND your guests - that people will actually want and treasure!

Where do you work?

We live in lovely VT and also bring our escape box and photo booth experiences to NH, MA, and northeastern NY. But…did we mention that we LOVE to travel?! We’re up for destination weddings and can also provide some of our design services remotely. So, if you’re not local but this totally sounds like your jam…we’re down to chat!

Do you work with people like us?

Yes! Love is love, and we welcome people of all backgrounds, orientations, ethnicities, and identities. Every couple has a unique and beautiful story that deserves to be told and celebrated!

Dave and Krista looking very couple-y at the wedding in Wyoming where they met, with the Tetons in the background.
Credit: Tara House

Where did this brilliant idea come from?

Whimsically You was born out of our own experiences designing our wedding. We wanted to combine some traditional elements with our own passions and story, and to create a playful and joyous event where our loved ones were active participants and not just spectators. And we did! But we realized there was a need to help couples through this kind of journey, and we could think of nothing more rewarding than helping to share and celebrate the special magic of people like you.

Intrigued? Enchanted? Rarin’ to go?

We'd love to discuss all the ways we can help you craft a wedding that celebrates the core of who you are as a couple and emphasizes meaningful connections with your loved ones.